The Town of Kearny operates its own garbage pick-up, in an effort to reduce refuse costs for residents and businesses. All garbage is transferred to a sanitary landfill just outside the Dudleyville area. Each resident receives a 90-gallon receptacle. Additional receptacles can be requested for an additional fee, and additional charge per pickup.

The Town of Kearny bills garbage at a standard rate of $22.80 per month for residential users. Charges are combined with sewer and water. Sales tax does not apply to garbage disposal. Rates for commercial collection vary, dependent on use and pickup frequency.

Pickup Schedule
Fairhaven is the dividing line for Garbage Service.

If you ... ... your pickup day(s) are ...
... live at Fairhaven or above Monday & Thursday
... below Fairhaven Tuesday & Friday
... are a business Wednesday


Free Dump Days
On the second Saturday of each month, the Town of Kearny offers a free dump day. Residents may bring their bulky items (furniture, non-refrigerant appliances, landscape trimmings, etc.) to the dump site just outside of town, on Dix Road. Residents must transport their own trash items. Dumping begins at 8:00 am, and ends once the roll-off is full.

NO HAZARDOUS WASTE PLEASE (e.g. paint, solvents, refrigerant).

Bulky Pickup Thursdays
The Town of Kearny offers bulky pickups the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month. Call Town Hall to arrange for your items to be picked up. A charge of $15.00 per cubic yard will be applied to your next utilities bill.